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Trader: skimonkey

Yesterday's Portfolio Value $36,625,271,177.75
One Day Performance (-100.00%)
Start of Competition Performance (-100.00%)
Joined 06/06/06

Stock Holdings
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Index Holdings
skimonkey holds positions in these Indexes:
Reality Market Composite2,168,562,000
What Apple product will be updated next?2,145,275,000
How much will Facebook be purchased for?1,150,000
When will Guantanamo Bay close?380,000
What will be the Viacom Google lawsuit outcome?122,000
Is the U.S. making progress In Iraq?10,000,000
Will someone invade North Korea?10,100,000
Find Jimmy Hoffa501,000
Manned Mission To Mars1,004,000
US Legalization Of Weed10,000
When will oil close above $150 a barrel?20,000

Sector Holdings
skimonkey holds positions in these Sectors:
current_events22,015,000 business1,272,000
technology2,146,547,000 economy20,000
world380,000 apple2,145,275,000
war20,100,000 computers2,145,397,000
Person501,000 mac2,145,275,000
oil20,000 buyers_guide2,145,275,000
acquistions1,150,000 legal10,000
Missing501,000 space1,004,000

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skimonkey on 05/19/08 - Oops.
tompage1 on 03/22/07 - Congratulations on becoming the first RealityMarket billionaire!