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World War 3 (All Stocks | | )

Last Price 1.55
Bid / Ask @ 10k Shares 1.46 / 1.64
Today's Change -0.02 (-1.21%)
Open 1.57
Volume 1,700
Today's Range 1.554 - 1.569
52 Week Range 1.288 - 31.701
Market Cap $269,080
IPO Date 04/19/07
End Date Perpetual

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Do you think that the current situation in North Korea, Iran or some other hot spot will lead to world war three? This isn't a definite stock with a time deadline, it is more of an opinion stock as the political stances change over time buy/sell the stock if you think the conflict is heating up or cooling down.

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Current prediction probability: 1.55% Likely

Buy this stock if you believe there is greater than a 1.55% chance of it occuring.
Sell this stock if you believe there is less than a 1.55% chance of it occuring.

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coldin71201 on 12/24/09 - http://realitymarkets.com/quote/134/California-Earthquake
skimonkey on 10/16/06 - A 6.7 in Hawaii the other day and now a 6.5 off of Papua New Guinea. Things are letting loose.