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When will Virgin Galactic Launch on it's first commercial flight? (All Indexes)

British billionaire Richard Branson unveiled a prototype design of the first spacecraft to be used by his Virgin Galactic space tourism service. "We hope to enable millions of people to go into space in an affordable manner," the founder of the Virgin Group said in New York after he took the wraps off of a full-scale model of SpaceShip Two at Wired magazine's NextFest conference.

Virgin Galactic December 2009
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Virgin Galactic December 2008
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tompage1 on 01/30/07 - If either of those dates pass, then their space tourism project will be considered by investors
tompage1 on 01/30/07 - I don't see how this makes much sense. Contracts should be for test flight before end of 2007 and/or first commercial flight before 6/30/09. Those are Virgin's current timetables for an "on-time" launch.
tompage1 on 01/30/07 - I suppose miracles are always possible... but if the company itself is not planning on launching first commercial flight before end of 2008
mm on 01/30/07 - Other contracts have been added refecting other possible outcomes. This stock will not be declared bankrupt until the contract expires without a launch and safe return.
tompage1 on 01/29/07 - Virgin Galactic now reports that the first commercial flights won't be before the END of 2008, other sources say not until 2009! Terms of contract should be adjusted or stock declared BANKRUPT!