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You believe "articles of impeachment" will NOT be introduced for George Bush in the U.S. House. Contract expires when George Bush leaves office.

The reasons offered for seeking Bush's impeachment vary, such as questions about the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy. Those who have voiced support for impeachment include some members of the United States Congress, public opinion polls and demonstrations, various other politicians and government officials, scholars, authors, organizations and members of the media. The political affiliation of those calling for impeachment is predominantly from the political left, although some calls have come from members of the political right.

To date, no formal action has been taken by the House Judiciary Committee or the House of Representatives on the impeachment of President Bush.
Source: Wikipedia
See also: http://www.afterdowningstreet.org

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dibbs on 09/13/07 - really this is up to 1000 come on people are you kidding me it aint going to happen. not saying that we might be better off if it did or didt just saying that the reality of it aint happening
tompage1 on 04/20/07 - Kucinich has now delayed his intent to file impeachment charges against Cheney until next week! See: Baltimore Chronicle
BearsFan on 04/17/07 - Breaking News: Dennis Kucinich says he intends to file impeachment charges agaist Cheney this week! See: Washington Post